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  • These stand as an entry qualification for admission into sixth from/college and apprenticeships. 
  • Students tend to be either fifteen or sixteen years old when sitting their GCSE exams.
  • The number of GCSEs students study vary based on the school and the individual himself/herself, however typically students take somewhere between eight and eleven GCSEs. 
  • Based on the grades students get at GCSE, they will progress onto sixth form/college or apprenticeships; the grades will determine which subjects the students will qualify for in sixth form/college and which apprenticeship programme they will qualify for. 
  • In England, the prevailing exam boards are AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. 
  • Specific guidance regarding GCSE subject selection and sixth form/college/apprenticeship guidance can be taken from the staff at Private Tutors 'R' Us